Grantez big winners at JPA awards

Grantez were the big winners at the JPA awards presentation this evening at St Mary Parish Hall. They achieved the trophy hat-trick, winning both the Winter and Summer Leagues and the Knockout Cup. Runners-up in the KO Cup were Beeches Old Boules.

Beeches’ James Rondel also picked up the trophy for winning Division 2 of the Winter League.

In the Summer League the entire Pink Elephants team were on hand to receive the Division 2 trophy while Vanessa Nash and Kevin Daly were presented with the cup on behalf of newcomers, Tabour Troubleshooters, for winning Division 3.

Meanwhile Richard Sowerby was the recipient of the Wooden Spoon on behalf of the Hopefuls who finished bottom of Division 3, although the St Mary team with three eleven-year-old players earned plenty of plaudits for their spirited performances.

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